This is a website that is dedicated to the Soviet-Afghan war. It is meant to be a website that uses this war as its focus but branches out into some information about some other wars, both past and present. All of which can and will have an impact on the future.

To make for a pleasant time while visiting this site groups of information has been segregated into categories.

History of War

Being as this is a site about the Soviet-Afghan war as its foundation it is important to have a section dedicated to some of the historical war events because in a way they had an influence on the soviet-afghan war.

Soviet-Afghan War

Although this is a war that has been over for a long time, it still has a lasting effect both on Russia and Afghanistan. Although this country is now caught up in a new conflict, the similarities of the wars are something that needs to be recognized.


Most people are against war but there is a section here that focuses on the pacifists and what role they have.

Recent News

The recent news section focuses on Canada, the United States, Afghanistan and to some extent Russia. It helps to remind people that war is still present and these countries are playing a role in it. For Afghanistan it must seem like history is repeating itself.

There is also some additional information here how some industries are affected by war and what role they may have during war times.