Canada in Afghanistan

Aside from the Soviet Afghanistan war, Canada has made its military presence known in Afghanistan. It all began because of that unspeakable 9/11 2001 attack that put most of the world into mourning.

Operation Apollo—

Less than a month later the United States launched Operation Enduring Freedom and according to information from j Canada joined forces with them under the name Operation Apollo. By November 2nd under the guise of Operation Apollo, the HMCS Halifax began its first counterterrorism project. Then by the end of 2001 Canadian Special Forces arrive in Afghanistan. Canada kept up it’s sending of troops in 2003.

Combat Forces

In 2003 Combat forces from Canada were seconded to the ISAF mission. This was part of Operation Athena. In 2005. Canada took on the leadership role in the leadership team called the Kandahar Provincial. Combat operations were being carried out in 2006.

Medical Support

Canadian medical personnel were deployed and took command at Kandahar airfield in 2006 where they maintained this command until the end of 2011.

In 2010 Canada wanted to define its role in Afghanistan and was not predominantly taking on a combat role. But was intent on sticking to four major areas which were;

  • Health
  • Education
  • Security
  • Regional Diplomacy
  • Humanitarian Assistance

By mid-2011 Canada was no longer engaged in military combat operations. The transition to moving all the equipment out of Afghanistan began. Then finally by March 24th, it was official that the military mission of Canada in Afghanistan was complete.

During the time of the Soviet-Afghan war, very few Canadians were educated as to what was taking place in Afghanistan. Other than they were aware that the Soviet Union had invaded the country. Things have changed since Canada became actively involved in military operations. Now Canadians are being educated via school systems as to Canada’s involvement.