Canada’s Relationship with Afghanistan-Russia-United States

Canada has earned the reputation of being peacekeepers during times of conflict as opposed to be a military force. As such it builds relationships with a variety of countries based on this. Canada maintains a list of preferred countries that they are prepared to give foreign aid to.

Canada and Afghanistan Relationship

Canada really had no relationship with Afghanistan in the past. During the Soviet war in Afghanistan, there was no Canadian presence noted for the humanitarian purposes or for any other reason. As of 2009 according to a relationship may have been coming into play with Canada adding Afghanistan to their list of preferred countries for foreign aid. After 9/11, Canada did participate in some military roles in the Afghanistan war but reduced this to other non-combative services.

Canada Russia Relationship

It is difficult to describe the Canada/ Russia relationship because of its complexity, but one could say they are at a polite arm’s length . There is the standard protocol that countries take when they have diplomatic relationships. In this case Russia and Canada officially formed this relationship in 2007. Canada has no problem speaking out if they feel they need to against Russia. Albeit the rhetoric is not nearly as harsh as it may be when it comes from other countries. There is some rising concern that Russia is going to attempt to meddle in the Canadian elections like it was accused of doing with the US election.

Canada and the United States

Canada and the United States have had a tight relationship for many years. Although there has been some strain put on this since the new administration took over in the US. The biggest contention now is over trade and tariffs. This is still waiting to be fully played out.

Canada will continue to build relationships with these countries and no doubt will take on their responsibilities of being an ally to the US as necessary.