Canada has never been considered to be an instigator of war, but for the most part, when they need to back their allies they are prepared to do so.

Where was Canada during the Soviet-Afghan War?

There were some Canadians that felt Canada could have offered more humanitarian aid and support when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. There appeared to be lack of empathy in general among the Canadian population. But, to be fair this was not their fault.

Very few Canadians were well versed as to what was happening in Afghanistan. They were aware through news releases that the Soviets had invaded that country but for the most part, they reflected upon this as being a battle for territory that really held no interest for the Canadians. There was very little talk about how the people of the country were suffering as they were caught up in the midst of this war.

No Canadian Relief Efforts

Most often in war-torn countries, there is almost always a presence of various organization from different countries that contribute to the health and welfare of the innocents who end up suffering as a result of a war. But, when it came to looking for any Canadian organizations some report that there were none to be found. For many, this came as quite a shock because Canadian is known for its compassion and generosity when it comes to humanitarian aid.

Some Organizations Spoke Out

The crux of the matter seems to be the lack of education given to Canadians about Afghanistan. Ignorance is the culprit here for there not being more outreach, especially during the Soviet invasion. The Afghan Association of Ontario and Human Concern International were the only two organizations that have outright condemned the Kabul regime.

A lesson can be learned from this in that education is the key behind some very important undertakings when it comes to war-torn countries.