Does Russia Have Its Eye on Afghanistan?

Last year there were a lot of claims being made that there was an increased Russian presence taking place in Afghanistan and Libya. The US believes this is happening because of the desire of Russia to undermine the efforts of NATO and the Americans.

The Purpose

Accusations began to flow that Russia was supplying weapons to the Taliban in Afghanistan. There is a response to the question as to what would be the purpose for Russia doing this. Some experts in the Middle East are indicating that it is because Russia wants to resume the dominant role it once had in the region before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Remembering that the Soviet had a keen interest in Afghanistan which drew them into the Soviet –Afghan war.

Russia and 2018

The claims and accusations are still going strong that Russia is discreetly backing the Taliban in Afghanistan. The US is full force in making these claims. The Afghan officials are sending mixed messages about this. A few officials support the US claims, others do not.

Russia outright denies the claims and so do the Taliban. The Taliban proudly tout that they are not receiving support of any kind from any country.

Are There Russian Taliban Links?

So far, the accusers have not presented any definitive proof which the Russians are quick to point out. But, the Russians do concede that they do have contacts within the Taliban, which causes raised eyebrows of many.

Russia – US Relationships

It would seem without concrete proof of Russia backing the Taliban in Afghanistan that there is much more the US can do except complain. But, with the relationship between. Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump being such a mystery many question as to what would happen if such proof became evident. Or, whether such proof is likely to be found.