Pacifists, for the most part, have a segment of belief that they feel very strongly about. For strong pacifists, they will not deviate from these beliefs. They have formed their beliefs against common arguments that are often used to justify war.

Peace Can Come From War

The argument that war can be utilized to develop peace does not hold credence with pacifists. They stand on the ground that peace can never be achieved from acts of violence. War is comprised of acts of violence. To support their argument they refer back to World War One, being dubbed as the “war to end all wars”. Clearly, history shows that this was not true.

War May Not Be Avoidable

There are those that feel that there are times where war cannot be avoided. This may be when a country is under attack. But for those with the thinking that war may be justifiable this is not something that pacifists will accept.

The End Justifies the Means

Some look at war as sometimes having valid reasons for it. But, again pacifists are not of the same opinion. To them, there is no reason that would justify a war. Their stance on this is by looking back at the history of wars to determine the causes. More often than not many wars began on a territorial basis. To the pacifist, no land or region is worth giving up life for, or for taking the life of another. Which is inevitable in war.

Armed for Protection

Activists who believe that being armed is required for protection and a deterrent meet strong opposition with the pacifists. Their concept is that countries arm themselves out of fear. In this case the fear is of invasion. Or in recent times fear of a nuclear attack. For the pacifists the concern of an attitude of don’t take any chances, attack first.