To form an opinion about pacifists then it means making a judgement. What it all comes down to is a matter of opinion. Everyone has the right to their opinion in the free world.

Different Types of Pacifists

Some pacifists are based on their religious beliefs. Then there are those who believe in the sanctity of life. But it has nothing to do with religion. Then there are those whose pacifist beliefs are based on practicality. Meaning that they just simply believe that war has no meaning and is not effective. What all three of these have in common is they are all against war and violence.

The Concept

Most people would agree that their core concept of being against war and violence is right. But, from here it differs. In general, most don’t get concerned about a pacifists opinion about war.

Where contention can arise with pacifist thinking is if they are totally against all forms of killing. For example, some are against any form of euthanasia or abortion. These are two topics that a lot of people have their own strong opinions on. It can get contentious when the pacifist and these type of believers enter into a conversation about these subjects.

The Absolute pacifist

These are those whose belief is that there is no circumstance where war should be entered into even for self defence. This is hard for non pacifists to accept. They believe this way of thinking is not patriotic. A hard core pacifist would not come to the defence of someone that was being threatened that could cost them their life. There are not too many pacifists that will go to this extent but there are some. This is where the concept of “each to his own” when it comes to beliefs and opinions can be challenged.