It becomes a dangerous situation when rhetoric becomes so commonplace that it becomes ignored. This type of bantering back and forth between leaders of different countries creates the risk of other serious events and this must be kept under the watchful eye of the general public of the world.

United States and Korea

The eyes of the world in the last few months have been on the tensions between North Korea and the United States. Many have found the rhetoric to be more intriguing then looking at the seriousness of the actual situation. Although the fuse of disaster has been shortened it has not been totally defused. Although talks are taking place like many events of this nature it is in the “wait and see” mode.

United States-Saudi Arabia-Iran

The US and Saudi are not impressed with Iran’s growing influence with Syria and Iraq as well as Yemen and Lebanon. Now with President Trump pulling out of the Iran deal, it is setting up a potentially volatile situation in the not too far distant future.


The US has a strong presence along with several other countries in this war and with a new Administration running the United States there is no predicting as to when the end of this war will come to pass. The focus here is to wipe out the Taliban but even with a success at this, there are many other issues to be overcome.


Assad has had the backing of Iran and Russia to allow him to stay in power. There are still many parts of the country that are not under the control of the regime. Then there is the involvement of the international powers who all seem at odds with each other as to what would be an agreeable settlement.

This talk of wars and threats of wars are a clear indication of the world at unrest. Yet, history doesn’t paint a different picture.