Seventeen Years of War and Still Going

No war is ever considered short but the United States war with Afghanistan has now been ongoing for over 17 years. Most thought that the summer of 2017 was a terrible period but things have not changed for the better in 2018.

The New Administration

Many Americans surmised that when Mr. Trump stepped into the presidency that this was a war that would come to an end. Now well into his tenure as president, there is no end in sight. The intentions of the US to stabilize Afghanistan are not coming to fruition, nor are there any signs that it is about to do so.

Taliban Going Strong

Just when many think there is hope on the horizon that the Taliban is weakening, they seem to bounce back with a new thrust of power. While it is unclear to many just how much control the government bodies have in Afghanistan the estimates are indicating that it is about 60%. It has taken seventeen years to get here.

A New Approach but an Unwanted One

Terrorist attacks are now targeting government ministries which are creating a whole new wave of frustration and fear domestically for the United States. Ghani has reached out to try and put an end to this war but to no avail. His approaches and plans have gone unanswered, except for more retaliation.

The Bomb That Bombed Out

Mr. Trump did in some respect try to live up to his promise of putting an end to the war. His action of dropping the mother of all bombs certainly did not live up to the expectations that he had put on it. What is adding to the frustration is that there doesn’t seem to be any strategic planning to address the near or distant future. Some have succumbed to the fact that this may be a war with no end. There won’t be a win lose situation.