The Chaos of War

Chaos seems to be working for the Taliban but the chaos of a new administration trying to get its footing in the US is not showing the same success. Anyone that is under the impression that the war in Afghanistan is being won is misinformed.

The Unrest of Kabul

Of course, it would be preposterous to think that it would be business as usual in the province of Kabul with the number of years that this war has been going on. People who dare to walk the streets here are tense and nervous mostly because of the suicide bombings. Using emergency response vehicles for this purpose, and creating a siege on a Hotel are just two examples of the Taliban tactics although ISIS is claiming recognition for a recent attack on soldiers.

All of this is during the increase of the American airstrikes which appears to be making the Taliban and ISIS more intent on their destruction.

Mixed Messages

Mr. Trump’s plan of the increased airstrikes was to get the Taliban to the point where they would be prepared to negotiate peace. Then the message change with his tweet that there would be no talking to the Taliban. This is the type of chaos that these terrorists thrive on.

The Taliban has been able to create their own strategies when they are under increased aggressive attacks. By going into populated areas and creating terror there they may not be taking out large groups but every life counts. This type of attack is extremely difficult to overcome for the Americans.

What Will Happen with Pakistan

A growing concern is what will happen with Pakistan now that the US President is putting pressure on them to do more about the problem. Will this country get pushed into forming an alliance with Russia or perhaps China, which is not going to serve any good purpose.