The Individual Aftermath of War

It doesn’t matter whether one goes back in history and looks at the aftermath of World War One, the Soviet-Afghan war, or any war for that matter, the results are the same. Soldiers get injured along with the general population. War has long lasting effects.

The Real Bravery of the Troops

Every soldier that enters the military no matter what the country of origin is they are usually considered to be brave people. Their bravery is normally spurred on by their patriotism. The real bravery, however, comes much later, with the aftermath of war, especially for those who have been badly injured.

Home Support

Many soldiers that have been injured in Afghanistan in the last war have come home in some rather grave condition. The fear of loss of life may have past but they now have to deal with the scars and mutilation that some acts of war have left behind.

Home support has to be readily available to these soldiers in a variety of different ways. In many cases, they require a series of reconstructive surgery. Or, they need assistance with prosthetic limbs. Some have gone blind and need assistance with returning to a life that can be considered somewhat normal.

The Over Spill

It is not just the soldiers who suffer from the aftermath of war but there is an over spill unto their families. In some cases, these injured soldiers are not able to return to their regular employment.

Now there are financial issues to be dealt with. There is the psychological effects of the war as well as the injury that have to be overcome which requires the strong support of family and friends. The effects of war are far-reaching. Even those who are not actively involved, every individual has their own unique challenges to deal with.