The Many Faces of War

It is hard to argue that war does not change a person. For those who go to war as part of the military, the effects that their service can have on them is not only life changing in the interim but can last for a lifetime.

Physical Changes

The soldiers returning home from a war most likely don’t recognize how their appearance has changed. But, this is one of the first things that their family and friends take note of.

This is not only applicable to soldiers that have been injured. It is most often prominent in those that are returning home injury free. The stress and toil that war has taken on them are clearly seen. One may think that is something that only those who have been in combat experience. But, even those in the military that are filling other duties are forever affected by their service. Many because of losing comrades and the great deal of pressure that their respective positions have placed on them.

Facial Expressions

What is the most apparent is the change in facial expressions. Many family and friends report that the eyes of a soldier have lost their sparkle and they appear weary and worn. Often the surprise comes when these looks don’t change even have a long period of time. Some say the look of a soldier tells a bleak story to those who have not had this experience first hand.

Mental Changes

For most military personnel they have come to accept the fact that going off to war is going to have a long term mental effect on them. The very young at first believe that this is not something that they will have to endure because age is on their side. But, they soon learn that war has no respect for age.