The Perils for Canadians in the Afghanistan War

It has become common knowledge that the war in Afghanistan is at a stalemate even with the increased bombings that the US has recently been involved in with their airstrikes. It was indicated that the purpose of these airstrikes was to get the Taliban to the point where they would be ready to negotiate. At least that was the purpose that the US administration was leading everyone to believe. Then Mr. Trump sent the mixed message via tweet that there would be no talking with the Taliban.

The Canadians

Some are suggesting that the Taliban is being backed by Pakistan and therefore they are not hurting for arms or equipment. It has been said that the brutal attack that was made on a group of Canadian soldiers back in 2005 was because of the Taliban being backed by Pakistan. For the most part, Canada’s role in the Afghan war now is mostly peacekeeping and training, as well as humanitarian services.

How long this will continue for Canada has not been determined. Canada is a country that is more known for its humanitarian efforts and empathy rather than their military involvement. Not just in this war but other conflicts.

The Russians

What the Russians are saying is that the United States is going to have to talk with the Taliban leadership if they have any hopes of this war ending. How much credence Mr. Trump will put into Russia’s advice is unpredictable. Being as the US administration believes that Russia is supplying weapons to the Taliban. But, at the same time it has been most noticeable that Mr. Trump is reluctant to criticize Mr. Putin so there is no telling where this will lead. Russia has had their own experiences of failure when it comes to Afghanistan as no doubt the defeat in the Soviet-Afghan war still burns within their memories.