The Soviet Union became proactive in Afghanistan at the close of 1979 when they sent thousands of their troops into this country. By doing so they were able to not only take military control of Kabul but political control as well, which went beyond the borders of Kabul.

The View of the Rest of the World—

This invasion was not seen as a positive action by the majority of other countries. While this was deemed as an invasion many describe it as an intervention. With the Soviet Union’s intention being to defuse the civil war that was taking place. Their goal was to see a socialist government in control, which in turn would give the Soviet Union more security in regards to this neighbour of theirs.

United States Reaction

The US under the Carter administration had been monitoring the Soviet’s involvement in Afghanistan and when the Soviet invasion did take place the US was somewhat surprised having thought that the Soviet Union would not actually follow through with this type of action. President Carter aside from condemning the action through his State of the Union speech also placed sanctions on the Soviet Union. In addition, they increased aid to the insurgents in Afghanistan.

The End in Sight

The soviet union was not deterred easily because of the United States reaction. It went on for ten years before the Soviets finally pulled out of the country. The end result was that the constant warring had left Afghanistan in a sorry state. The Taliban were able to get a good hold on the country.

The Result

Osama bin Laden now had the perfect environment for training his army or rebels and the perfect platform to now launch terrorist attacks around the world. As with any war, there are never any true winners.