Most individuals know at least one person who is the calm one in a crisis. That individual who is the one to attempt to defuse a volatile situation. They try and pacify everyone else. This individual could be classed as a pacifist to some degree.

A True Pacifist

The definition of a pacifist is an individual that is against any form of violence including war as well as militarism. It is a term that dates back to 1864.

A Matter of Opinion

The views and concepts that pacifists adopt are considered to be their opinion. As there are some that are pro-war and pro-violence. To the degree that one is a pacifist or how involved they become in acting on their beliefs will vary.

Strong Pacifist Views

For those who are passionate about their pacifist beliefs, they will clearly state they believe that any institution of war or military should not exist. They have a strong objection to anything that would implement any form of violence to achieve an end result. This encompasses the political and economic sectors as well as on a social level.

Simply put, there is no situation that would justify any form or act of violence. Those that are firm believers of this will even adopt this train of thought as it pertains to themselves. Meaning they would not resort to violence in order to protect themselves or anyone else from a violent encounter.


Not all pacifists hold the same views. Some strongly support non violence, but will support the destruction of property . For example, in events they are participating in to support their cause. Then there are others that support non violence but will draw the line when it comes to them or others being harmed. Meaning they will only resort to violence in extreme conditions.