What is the War of Terror?

It is difficult to understand how any war could be dubbed “war on terror” as it seems counterintuitive to the concept of war we are familiar with. But, this was the name that was placed on the Afghanistan war waged after the 9/11 attack on Afghanistan. Afghanistan is no stranger to war as it had seen a vicious presence of it during the Soviet – Afghan war.

Global War on Terrorism

This War on Terror according to Wikipedia.org was a Global war on terrorism. Which meant that it was not going to be considered a traditional type of war. The concept being created is that the world would unit together to combat terrorism in any form originating in any country. Targeting only those who were waging terrorism.

Is the War on Terrorism Over?

It was under President Obama’s administration that it was declared that the war on terror was over. The focus was now going to shift from tactics to concentrating on groups identified as networking to create terrorism on US soil. To back up this statement it was announced that it was ending the combat role of the United States in Afghanistan. It would seem though that the terrorists were not going to back down on their efforts.

Was the War on Terrorism Authentic?

Many believe that the war on terror was used for other purposes other than what it was intended for by other countries. Indicating that the use of force was exploited to enhance a country’s own military objectives, with less emphasis being put on the eradication of terrorists.

The term “war” is also rejected because there is no one enemy. There are many different terrorist groups in a variety of different countries including the United States, Canada, France and the UK. So, there is no one specific targeted region as there would be in a traditional war. Based on the war of terror still being carried on in Afghanistan.